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Mobile Planetarium Shows

The Planetarium is available for hire from 1/2 day to a full week. We conduct educational & entertaining shows suitable from Pre-School to Primary, High School, University.

Our shows are popular with Schools, shopping centres and as a unique attraction for special events. 

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The Mobile Planetarium is a 6 metre inflatable air-conditioned dome that is a travelling digital theatre that offers a Stellarium Show and digital theatre in surround vision and sound. The Dream Dome expands the planetarium principle into a totally new approach as a visual entertainment and mobile learning centre. The digital film covers the dome interior totally immersing you in the picture. With spectacular and amazing images zooming across the dome. The Dream Dome brings the excitement of a major theatre to any location. The films are Astronomy presentations which are both educational and entertaining with shows suitable for children and adults.

Planetarium at herberton Planetarium at Herberton State School 2016

"Across the Reaches of Space and Time"



Imagine Earth were a distant place you once called home but could never visit again? What would you remember most about the planet, and how would you describe it to your grandchildren?

It is this scenario that sets the stage for "Earth's Wild Ride," a new movie that immerses audiences in a 3-D tour of Earth's history and natural wonders. Set on the surface of the Moon in the year 2081, the movie opens with a grandfather and his grandchildren gazing out into space. As they watch the Moon's shadow move across Earth, the grandfather tells stories of crashing asteroids, erupting volcanoes, roaring dinosaurs, electrifying lightning and booming thunder. While learning about eclipses, the ice age, Earth's water cycle and differences between the Earth and Moon, the audience is taken on a roller-coaster-like ride through canyons of raging rivers and hot flowing lava. Suitable for years 2+


Oasis in Space, takes you on a startling and beautiful Journey through our Solar System and beyond, in search of water and waterworlds like Earth. Incorporating the latest astronomical research and exploration. Including data from robotic explorers.



If you are looking for an entertaining and educational activity for your School, Event or Function. Then the Mobile Planetarium from NightSkySecrets is just what you need.


Stellarium offers a curriculum-based Astronomy program that shows a realistic sky in 3D. Just like you would see with the naked eye, binoculars or a telescope.

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BFI_200x200The British Fulldome Institute.

NightSkySecrets appreciates the support of the British Fulldome Institute & their promotion for a greater understanding of and access to fulldome (360˚) immersive film, this is a great addition to developing STEM outreach here in Australia.