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  1. Sirius Observatory Brochure and DVD Information Pack

    Sirius Observatory Brochure and DVD Information Pack

    NightSkySecrets are the North Queensland Agent for Sirius Observatories. These observatories are manufactured in Qld with the highest quality materials & workmanship. Available from a self installed kit dome for the backyard to a professionally installed fully Automated University Model we have what you need:

    * 2.3m Home Model
    * 3.5m School Model
    * 5m College Model
    * 6.7m University Model

    All models are available as a “Dome Only” option if you have your own building to fit the dome to.

    This DVD and Brochure Information pack will give you all the information you need to know about the Sirius Observatories. If after receiving the information pack you are interested in having a Sirius Information Pack Installed Contact Us to Order and we will discuss with you about your options for installation and give you a complete price freight included. 

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  2. Calendar

    Moon Planting Calendar

    Learn when to plant, what phase of the moon will be most beneficial for your different plants. Excellent tips throughout.This perpetual Moon Calendar unlocks the secrets of the lunar cycles with easy-to-follow directions on the right time to plant, when to fertilise, when to cultivate and even when to fish.

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  3. The Planets DVD

    The Planets DVD

    A great DVD with a factual yet dramatically exciting look at the planets and moons beyond our Blue/Green orb of life as we know it. The dramatic footage and sound tracks will transport you to another world ! This excellent series from ABC TV is narrated by Richard Roxburgh and has a running time of 313 minutes across the 2 DVD set.

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  4. Astronomy 2019 Calendar

    Astronomy 2019 Calendar

    The ever popular Astronomy Calendar is available for 2019. It has all the great events throughout the year that will last to keep you informed all year long with what's up in our night sky.

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  5. Star Charts

    Star Charts

    A series of 18 maps (nine double-sided A4 pages) +CD covering the entire sky and showing the positions of star clusters, nebulae, galaxies and double and variable stars.

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  6. Astronomy 2019 Australia

    Astronomy 2019 Australia

    The ultimate guide to Astronomy in 2019 for Australia. Articles on Astrophotography, The Planets month by month, Meteor Showers, Galaxies, Nebulas and when to see them. Now in its 27th year this is THE guide to the Australian Night Sky. Learn More
  7. Totality by Dr Kate Russo

    Totality by Dr Kate Russo

    TOTALITY describes how the Far North Queensland community prepared for and experienced the Total Eclipse of 2012. Personal stories of the eclipse are shared by locals and visitors from the path of totality. The book also features stunning photography from award-winning eclipse photographers. An emotive and visual sensory experience narrated by Dr Kate Russo, experiencing her 8th Total Eclipse in her home region.

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