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Learn when to plant, what phase of the moon will be most beneficial for your different plants. Excellent tips throughout.This perpetual Moon Calendar unlocks the secrets of the lunar cycles with easy-to-follow directions on the right time to plant, when to fertilise, when to cultivate and even when to fish.

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Our Moon Calendar divides the 28-day lunar cycle into six separate gardening periods that reveal the optimal days for planting different crops, when to harvest and propagate, when to prune and cultivate, and the best time for fishing.

Good gardening practices of fertilising and watering are also required but gardening by the moon phases creates strong plants with greater disease resistance and thus better returns for your efforts.

The Moon Calendar creates a regular monthly routine so your time and resources are used more efficiently.

Personally tested for more than 40 years in the market gardening and horticultural industries. Our Moon Calendar is a simple, easy-to-use calendar which is set once a month and used year after year.

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  1. admin

    I am using this moon calendar as recommended to me by a very dear friend and fabulous gardener. I am stunned and amazed at the results…never have I had better carrot germination and growth. The spuds are powering, and the above ground veg have never looked so robust. This is my new bible for the garden.
    Dorrigo, New South Wales

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