Comet Wise

A new comet has been discovered by one of the hard working space probes. This time its the infra red observatory “WISE” that has the bragging and naming rights

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  1. Noel Muller

    A silly question – but then is it really – will we ever get to a point in the solar system where there could be “Traffic Jams”, think about the morning (and evening) Rush Hour, seems crazy but we have so many sentinels on so many tasks that it just could happen. Let us hope it is never spoiled in our Life Times though as we have the lot just now. Computing power that APOLLO could not have ever dreamed possible. We have the SHUTTLES retiring after 26 productive years, I would love to see the Specifications of the FIRST shuttle compared to STS-133. The body is the same but that must be about all.

  2. admin

    Hey Noel
    I think we are pretty safe on the traffic jams. Everything that goes into space costs more than its weight in gold to get there !

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