Dark Matter – Abundant in our Solar System

The latest research has show just how abundant Dark Matter is in our Solar System. 16,000 x more so that in the surrounding intergalactic medium.

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So what does this mean for our Solar System ? ……..

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  1. Matt

    I think we have been going about dark matter all wrong. We know it’s there the math proves it. What if our known matter is really like hazardous waste left over from the big bang? Is it not possible that dark matter was here first and its collapse is what caused the big bang? If that were the case then the change in matter occurred at that point. We know that it took a long time for the gasses to start to cool to start forming stars.
    We know that all the other elements were and are formed in the nuclear furnace of stars. When some of those stars go supernova the elements are released to further the current matter. Not all the dark matter was destroyed in the big bang. It has always been there and is why it is more prevalent outside the galaxies then inside them. Our know matter might be contained by dark matter. However normal known matter would still be the left over waste.

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