Earth Near Miss – But it wasn't a Meteor !

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I have spoken about the dynamics of our Sun many times on the science hour and here on AskTheScience Guru. I even keep a close eye on what is happening in the way of solar flares and CME’s. But I certainly did not realise the extent to which the massive solar events 2 years ago (classified as X-Class events) could mean down here on good old planet earth. It seems our Magnetosphere does not always protect us, a bit like the town levee bank and one in 100 year flood, that no one expects !
published in the Journal Space Weather with an analysis of the Data from the Stereo solar observatory, comes up with a chilling finding. I for one hope some very clever people are working out how we can avoid the consequences of this. Perhaps this is a lesson that we should not depend too much on our technology for our every day needs ?