You are currently viewing ETA Aquarids Meteor Shower – Telescopes are Back !
Eta Aquarids Radient.

ETA Aquarids Meteor Shower – Telescopes are Back !

Eta Aquarid Meteor Shower

Worth a look any year, these meteors, the debris of Hayley’s comet put on a good show of swift yellow meteors! You should see 20 to 25 per hour depending on the light pollution in your area, Although the official rate is up to 50hr in an ideal location. The actual peak is on the morning of the 7th & will be worth a look (if you don’t mind the early Start on a work day) otherwise the weekend might be the go as suggested by Ian Musgrave below, albeit with slightly lower rates per hour:

From Ian Musgraves www.astroblogger.blogspot:
The eta Aquarid meteor shower, which is produced by the debris from Halley’s Comet, will peak on May 6, 03hUT, which is sadly after sunrise on May 6.  
Despite this, and interference from the light of the waning Moon which will be very close to the radiant, we will have worthwhile rates on the weekend mornings of May 8 and May 9, from 3:00 AM to 5:00 AM local time Australia-wide, where people with dark skies should see a meteor around every three to four minutes. 

The radiant of the shower is about five hand-spans up from the eastern horizon and three hand-spans to the left of due east at 4 am (see above for a spotter chart at 5 am). When looking, be sure to let your eyes adjust for at least 5 minutes so your eyes can be properly adapted to the dark.

Don’t look directly at the radiant site, because the meteors will often start their “burn” some distance from it, but around a hand-span up or to the side. The best way to watch the Eta Aquariids is to let your eye rove around the entire patch of the sky above the north-east horizon, between the only two obvious bright stars in the northeast, Altair and Fomalhaut, and Jupiter and Saturn as the centre of your field (again, see the spotter chart at 4:30 am above).

Be patient, although you should see an average of a meteor every 3 to 6 minutes, a whole stretch of time can go by without a meteor, then a whole bunch turn up one after the other.

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