Mini Gold Concentrator


The Mini Gold Concentrator is Mini by name but Maxi in recovery of gold, gems and other precious metals. Efficient (10x quicker than panning) and lightweight at just 4kg and requiring only 20 litres of to operate. Australian Made and designed, perfect for the fossicker, prospector or miner.
Easily carried to almost any location and meeting the non powered requirements for fossicking permits.

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When you want to work a location for gold or gems, 10 times quicker than you can pan, with a low risk of loss. When the water available is minimal and their is not a running supply. When you want a quick set up and pack up. The Mini Gold Concentrator is just what you need. We have tried and tested this unit ourselves and been successful in recovering the finest of gold.

* They can be shipped internationally, we recommend shipping just the manufactured concentrator section (huge freight saving) and the standard 20l capture bucket can be purchased almost anywhere for just a few dollars. Contact us with your location for an international shipping quote.

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Weight 4 kg


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