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Pans, Sieves & Tools

All the tools you need for fossicking either with or without your detector !

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  1. 14” Gold Trap Pan

    14” Gold Trap Pan

    NEW 14" Gold Trap™ 

    • Expands the pan’s floor size by 33%, as compared to conventional 14" gold pans.
    • Maintains the long panning surface and optimum angle necessary for effective panning.
    • Patent-pending design.
    • Allows gold to be driven down more efficiently to the large floor space.
    • Larger pan volume allows more material to be processed per pan.
    • Includes Garrett’s renowned riffles for trapping gold.
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  2. 13" Fossicking Sieves

    13" Fossicking Sieves

    13" Gold and Gem Sieve set, perfect for classifying material to find gold or precious gems. Contains 2 Sieves one 6mm (1/4") and one (2.5mm) 1/8" They are stackable and easy to handle and are of durable aluminium and steel construction. Learn More
  3. Deluxe Gold Pan Kit

    Deluxe Gold Pan Kit

    Deluxe Gold Pan Kit  NEW UPDATED PAN KIT

    • 14" Gold Trap™ pan  (includes new Gold Trap Pan)
    • 15" SuperSluice™ pan
    • 14" Sifter/Classifier
    • 10" Backpacker pan
    • Gold Guzzler bottle
    • 2 Gold vials
    • Tweezers/magnifier
    • How to Find Gold field guide by Charles Garrett and Roy Lagal
    • Gold Panning Like a Pro DVD 
      (featuring Freddy Dodge)
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  4. Estwing Geo Hammer - 22 Oz Rock pick

    Estwing Geo Hammer - 22 Oz Rock pick

    A good quality Geo Pick is one of the most important tools for the Geologist, prospector or fossicker looking to unlock the secrets of the earth. The Estwing Geo Pick is the best choice for on the market with a renowned reputation of quality & performance. Learn More
  5. Eldorado Stream Sluice Small

    Eldorado Stream Sluice Small

    An Ideal sluice for slipping in your backpack when hiking to a remote location to look for gold. Learn More
  6. Eldorado 2 Tiered Sluice / Highbanker

    Eldorado 2 Tiered Sluice / Highbanker

    When you have access to a good water supply and can pump it, the Eldorado 2 Tiered Sluice is the next step in your journey from Fossicking to Prospecting ! Learn More

6 Item(s)

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