Kson ED1026-C


The Kson ED 102mm Refractor is a proven performer giving wide fields of view, with that extra light gathering capacity compared to the 80mm to bring out more tack sharp stars in the many clusters it will reveal. Coupled with a 40mm widefield eyepiece you will get that porthole into space experience that carries you to another place !

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When you are looking for an portable Semi – APO refractor that is mid weight, with that extra aperture, superbly finished, giving tack sharp stars and crisp clean planetary views, this is the scope for you. It features a rotatable 2″ Crayford dual speed focuser, for smooth operation, a great feel and precise focusing. CNC-machined tube, made of Carbon fiber, with a vixen style dovetail which is compatible to most mounts. Retractable dew shield prevents stray light and dew from affecting your viewing. Comes in a Deluxe padded nylon case for convenient storage and safe transportation. Scope is available in China Red,Sapphire Blue or Smoky Grey (not all colours may be available at time of order)

Model                                         Kson ED1026-C*
Aperture                                    102mm  
Type                                        Carbon Fiber 
Focal length                             612mm,f/6
Eyepieces    (Optional)                 PL25,10mm
Finderscope (Optional)                              30 Red Dot
Focuser                                  1:10 Dual speed
Packaged weight                   5.8kgs

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Weight 5.8 kg


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