Reef Search with Dr Selina Ward – Part 2

In the continuation of my discussion with Dr Selina Ward, we explore what can be done to slow the advance of climate change and how we can better protect our reefs.
[podcast] Dr Selena Ward Reef Search – Part 2.mp3 [/podcast]

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  1. Maunoa Karo

    Dear Dr Ward,
    I work as a resource assessment biologist collecting quota data on both hard and soft coral species. I also study the substrate composition to identify factors that are causing damage to coral reefs in Papua New Guinea. Recently I have observed a lot of soft corals being bleached and there is also an increased in numbers of anemones being bleached.Please could you send me any information on possible factors that are causing the anemones to be bleached. I will greatly appreciate your help. I would also send you some photos of the bleached anemones.
    Many thanks,

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