Saturn – Enceladus Geysers

The Cassini probe is doing some ground breaking science as this bus sized probe continues its tour of Saturn and its many moons. Geyser’s on a moon… really ? , listen to find out more.

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  1. Hazel Renton

    I need to know when the moon called Enceladus rose and set on September 9th 2008 for an astronomy course I am taking. Please help.

  2. admin

    Hi Hazel
    When Enceladus rose and set above your horizon would depend on where you live. What I can tell you is that on that day it was eclipsed by Saturn (Ingress) at 6:25 pm and came out from behind saturn (Egress) at 8:50pm (Timezone is GMT +9.5)
    I hope this helps with your course.

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