102/500 AZ3 Refracting Telescope


This telescope is a good choice when you are looking for a little more light grasp than the 80mm refractor & some extra focal length for greater magnification.
The slow motion Altitude & Azimuth controls make it ideal for both terrestrial and astronomical use.
With the supplied 10 & 25mm eyepieces giving a magfifacion of 50x & 20x respectively, this is ideal for terrestrial observation.
With the addition of a 2x Barlow lens this can be doubled to 100x and 40x, at this magnification (100x) detail becomes visible on the planets.
Higher powered specialty eyepieces can be added to achieve the practical limit of Magnification for this telescope which is 200x on bright objects such as the planets, bright stars or the moon.

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  • For Terrestrial & Deep-Sky Observation
  • Ideal for Astrophotography
  • Simple Set up with Pre-assembled Tripod
  • 62.5% More Light Gathering than 80mm
  • Strong and sturdy construction
  • 5 Years SkyWatcher Limited Warranty

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