10″ Skywatcher classic Dobsonian Telescope


Skywatcher 10″ – 250mm Classic Dobsonian

    • Most Practical f/5 Telescope
    • Outstanding Light Gathering Ability
    • Super-smooth Azimuth Movement
    • Tension Control System
    • 2″ Focuser with a 1.25″ Adaptor
    • 5 Years Sky-Watcher Limited Warranty

With its larger aperture than the 8″ dobsonian this larger Aperture (mirror size) means more light gathered, giving a more detailed image of fainter objects.

With the even larger aperture telescope (than the 8″) this is where the owner of Night Sky Secrets begun his journy on the path of Astronomy. Inteacting galaxies, feint nebula and otherwise dim stars are now within your reach, with a scope that is still portable enough, to pick up and carry onto the observing field on your own.

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Model SWDOB250
Optical Design Newtonian (parabolic primary mirror)
Aperture 250mm
Focal Length 1200mm
Focal Ratio f/5
Resolving Power 0.60″
Stellar Limit Magnitude 12.9
Highest Practical Magnification 400X
Light gathering power (compared to the unaided eye) 816
Focuser 2″ Crayford with 1.25″ adaptor

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