The Deep Lunar Eclipse – June 2011

There are times when the planets align perfectly and on Thursday morning

the 16th June 2011 the earth and the moon did just that,

for the deepest lunar eclipse in over 10 years.

I watched in awe as the moon started it’s track into the Earths deep
shadow or Umbra, as it is known. Sitting beneath the overhanging
branches of a mature Mahogany tree as it framed the moon in the cool
morning air of Nhulunbuy was magical. Add the mellow sounds of Pink
Floyd, “Wish You Were Here”and the scene becomes surreal. As the eclipse
progressed and the black “bite” out of the moon grew larger the Pink Floyd
music could not have been better better choreographed had I tried.
It did  not seem long before the entire moon was in the deep shadow
and glowing an eerie Coppery red. With the sky darkening sporadic
meteors shot across the western sky as if to herald the deepest part
of the eclipse. At the height of the moons eclipse, the centre of the moon
darkened while the outer edges took on a dark red glow, framed by the
now easily visible surrounding stars. Clouds started to roll in at this point,
but I was satisfied to have seen the Eclipse from start to the deepest point
of its plunge into the earths shadow.
I look forward to the next eclipse on December 11th at midnight.

Sounds like a great excuse for a Lunar Eclipse moon party !