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Top 10 Covid19 Self Isolation Activities

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So you have to, or choose to isolate yourself because of the COVID19 Pandemic.

What do you do with yourself for 2 weeks plus at home, to stay sane and entertain yourself & others in your household ?

The TV will get pretty depressing in no time at all, so avoid it !

Seriously, it is important that we all look after our mental health and stay in control of our thoughts, actions & feelings.

Here are the top 10 activities from all our family at NightSkySecrets.

We will expand on these ideas over the coming weeks so stay tuned.

  1. Give the garden a makeover. You could even grow some edible plants. It can only improve your health and well-being from both the food you harvest, exercise & performing a calming activity & we have a moon planting guide which 100’s of customers swear by  !
    Our organic garden – Fresh beans daily !

    They just work !
  2. Drag out he puzzles, games, science experiments and models, a great way to engage your brain and with others in your household & yes, we have many science gadgets for your brain gym activities at NightSkySecrets
  3. Take up bird watching, it easy to do, changes every day and just needs a pair of binoculars that most households have or we have them at Nightskysecrets. The ideal all round pair is 8×42 Roof prism. Making them portable & light weight.
    Image Stabilised Canon 12×36

    German Quality – 10 yr warranty
  4. Turn your lights out and look to the night sky. It can be a simple as a star disc, a phone App (Stellarium or Star walk) are good ones. Binoculars will give you access to 100’s of otherwise invisible features. A Simple low cost a Telescope will reveal 1000’s of new sights. You know where to come if you need either !
  5. If you have a bit of land take up fossicking. this can be a simple as “Specking” where you look with your eyes for unusual stones (crystals, gems and semiprecious) panning & sieving for precious metals & gems or metal detecting. We are the Garrett agents and issue the DNMR fossicking permits, as well as having lots of simple and inexpensive fossicking accessories like magnifiers.

    Everything you need to start prospecting.
  6. We all have phone cameras, nature photography starts in your garden. From the Mari to the micro there is always something interesting to see & we have great lens and magnifier sets to go with your phone.
  7. Join an online group for your favourite ( or now newly acquired) hobby. Facebook, IceInSpace (astronomy), Birds Australia, Cairns mineral and lapidary club, to name a few.
  8. Have an “Autumn” clean and sort out of your house, it will not only give you more room to move, it will clear your mind and make you feel much better !
  9. Start writing, a short article on a subject you know, a journal or a a poem to express your feelings and document your experience.
  10. Take up a meditation, yoga, Tai Chi or other contemplation practice and make a calm space in your house for this.

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