Tropical Sundog


This was a first for me in 7 years of watching the sky in the NT seeing a Sun Dog. I almost ran off the road on my way home, as to my absolute surprise there was a “Second Sun” in the sky, just before sunset. As a Space Weather follower, I knew I had a Sun Dog.

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Something I have never seen in our tropical skies.
I raced for the camera and these images are the results. It even brightened before my eyes at one stage. It is amazing that tiny hexagonal ice crystals high in the upper atmosphere can align and have such a dramatic effect. These optical effects occur in a 22deg arc around the sun and can form above, below and to the sides of the sun. The closest I have seen to this is a sunbow, about 5 years ago. I will be keeping my eyes peeled for more of these & my guess is now that I am looking I will see more .