Venus Occultation Friday 9th October 2015

A few of you may already be aware of this, but if not you may be surprised that tomorrow morning (9th of October 2015) there is an Occultation of Venus by the moon. Essentially Venus is eclipsed by the moon for those of us fortunate enough to be in the right place to see it.
To photograph this you will need to be set up with camera clicking before 4am if you are up here in the tropics.
The actual occultation begins at 4:05am (disappearance) and ends (reappearance) at 5:10am Cairns time, for those of you in my part of the world. The times vary depending on your location. EG: Bris:4.21 Syd:5.30 Melb:5.34 , unfortunately for those in WA only the remote western regions will get to see the re-appearance of Venus.
Here is a basic shot of the gathering of the moon and planets this morning.
If you have a telescope a magnification of around 100 times will give you a good view of the Cresent of Venus as it disappears and reappears from behind the moon.
Then the following (Sat 10th Oct.) morning Mars-Jupiter-Moon have a close conjunction within 3Deg of each other, a Nightscape photographers paradise !

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