Liquid Water On Mars Confirmed !

It was great to watch the press conference from NASA live at 1:30am this morning and see the confirmation of surface water on Mars.
What a great result to now have confirmation the liquid water does flow seasonally on the surface of Mars.
The Recurring Slope Linnea (RSL) observed for several years have now been confirmed as flowing Perchlorate (salt) rich water flows in the millions of litres per flow. This was done using spectroscopy from the mars Reconnoissance orbiter to determine the signature for water.
This means a lot in both the search for life on Mars, raising the probability of finding that life to “High” and the possibility of Mars Supporting an extended human mission in the future.
These are very interesting times to be seeing where our exploration of Mars will take us now & if the first lifeforms, outside of our world will be discovered in our lifetimes !

Hale Crater Mars Water Flow
Hale Crater Mars Water Flow – Credit NASA


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